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No Inhibition Age Renew Additive 500ml

Product Details

For an increased, long-lasting effect on the hair,

replace the water with AGE RENEW ADDITIVE.

AGE RENEW ADDITIVE, the hyaluronic acid mixing base, is a luxurious blend of osmotic water, hyaluronic acid and rice proteins that enhances the beneficial and positive effects of AGE RENEW REVITALIZING TREATMENT on the hair.

Osmotic water is water that has been subject to “reverse osmosis”, a process that purifies water from the various impurities that it may contain. This technique uses a special semipermeable membrane that allows water to pass through, leaving impurities behind. Osmotic water is therefore more pure when compared to common water, thus its effect on the hair, when combined with hyaluronic acid and rice proteins, is increased, making the treatment even deeper and more effective.

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