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Natural Care Milk Mask

Product Details

yogurt mask | yogurt powder protein compound for normal or colored hair 

natural care yogurt mask treatment is specific for normal or colored hair. The yogurt powder protein compound becomes active once mixed with the milk_shake® natural care mask base, creating a soft nourishing cream with a pleasant milk_shake® fragrance. It acts on the inner and outer structure of the hair, restructuring the hair and giving it vibrancy and vitality. The acidity created by yogurt enzymes has a strong conditioning action of the hair. The yogurt amino acids bind to the hair’s structure, giving strength and body.

Use: pour 60 ml of milk_shake® natural care restructuring mask base into a bowl and add 15 g of milk_shake® natural care yogurt powder. Mix well and apply to clean damp hair. Leave in 5 to 10 minutes or 5 minutes under heat source. Comb and rinse and follow with the most suitable milk_shake® leave-in and styling products.

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