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Retexturing Perm 1 Natural Hair

Product Details

Innovative cosmetics without ammonia and acid triglikolowego. A formula that guarantees excellent results and maximum respect for the hair fiber. A gentle yet effective action on due to a natural ingredient derived from cysteine. Preparations for both waving lotion and neutralizer are enriched with amino acids and PBB ™, a formula based on natural complex of proteins with a molecular weight of from 150 MW to 1500 MW.PBB ™ provides integration of natural elements lost during the wave. It also contains a humectant and soothing ingredients to help protect your scalp and hair. • t perm sensi ve • creates a strong, durable, real curls, leaving hair soft, shiny and full of vitality.

The two formulas:
     one natural hair / not chemically treated 
     hair dyed 2 to 30 vol. permed

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