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Wahl Sterling 2 Trimmer with 4 Combs

Product Details

The Wahl Sterling 2 plus is a rechargeable professional hair trimmer that is used by salons worldwide. And while it’s certainly professional grade, the feature-rich Wahl hair trimmer is easy enough for non-professionals to use. The Wahl Sterling 2 plus has durable rust-resistant chrome-plated blades that conveniently snap on and off. What’s more, this Wahl hair trimmer lets you trim facial stubble without using shaving foam and water. A finger ring attachment on the Wahl Sterling 2 plus ensures extra control while trimming, allowing you trim and clip moustaches, beards, and facial hair with exact precision. With a charging time of three to four hours in its accompanying quick charging stand, this hair trimmer gives you about 60 minutes of uninterrupted operating time.

Key Features:



Hair trimmer

1 hour battery life

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