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Wax Roller Head Small

Product Details

This certain Roller Head is perfect for the application of wax to areas such as the lip, eyebrow, underarm or bikini line.

These replacement roller heads fit all Hive 80g Depilatory Cartridges, making waxing much easier - the heads come in 3 handy sizes, mini, small and large...

Hive Roller Heads are produced from high quality shock & heat resistant thermo plastic. Designed to provide accurate and consistent delivery of depilatory product to the treatment area, the patented grooved roller heads provide for improved and even distribution of product across the total width of the head. Coming in 3 different sizes; Large, Small & Mini.  The roller heads are perfect for the removal of hair on any part of the body, be it the lip, eyebrows, underarms or bikini line, the legs and body, or the fine application of wax on or around the lips, underarms & eyebrows. Hive roller heads are designed for use with the Hive 80g Roller Depilatory Cartridges.

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