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Resin for Silk or Fibreglass

Product Details

The EDGE Fibreglass and Silk Nails System.

The EDGE Fibreglass and Silk Nails is an ever popular system and offers a very natural looking nail. Silk is a much finer weave than Fibreglass making it much easier to whet when coated with resin.

The Fibreglass and Silk Nail wrap system from The EDGE offers a specially formulated resin that merges perfectly with either Fibreglass and Silk mesh to produce a beautiful thin, flexible but strong nail enhancement. It can also be used on weak nails to reinforce them.

The especially designed non fraying mesh is coated with an adhesive backing making positioning much easier, whilst the finest spun fibres and delicate weave give superb clarity and strength.

When used together they have uncross-linked polymers making it easy to remove and respond quickly to solvents, particularly acetone.

• Creates thin, strong and flexible nail extensions

• Combines a carefully developed free-flowing Resin and fine mesh

• Choice of Brush on or Nozzle application

• Micro Mist spray gives a smooth, even, no burn activation

• No pitting and smooth finish means less time spent finishing

• Gives optimum adhesion to the nail surface

• Fast – instant spray set activation

• Easily removed with Acetone

• Essential equipment for Nail Technician and Manicurist alike

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